Indolytics a pioneer in Indoor Positioning

We are one of the first end to end solution delivery indoor positioning company. A part of the overall IoT solution that is changing the way in which organizations connect with customers, suppliers, partners and other individuals.

The solution

Indolytics takes an integrated approach in providing Indoor Positioning Services aligning our solutions to specific use cases and thereby being highly customizable. We provide hybrid indoor positioning solutions including navigation and way finding, location-aware messaging, asset and resource tracking achieved through geo-fencing indoor facilities with affordable sensors, followed by extensive analysis deployed on mobile and desktops.

The Technology

Indolytics SAAS platform is a one of its kind provider that supports almost if not all BLE beacons including iBeacons & Eddystone with a ready to use Beacon Infrastructure. Indolytics IoT gateway facilitates transfer of the transaction data to the cloud for further analytics. We also integrate UWB beacons and WiFi to generate proximity data.


Indolytics provides SDK for both iOS and Android. Our SAAS infrastructure helps you build your own solutions for Indoor Navigation, Proximity Marketing, Automated Attendance, In-store & Exhibition analytics and much more for you or your customers. And best of all we ensure our platform is free during the development stage.

Use Cases

Large Format Retails

Indolytics helps you deep dive into customer analytics enabling you to understand preferences, behaviour, buying pattern and shopper flow in real time.

Conference & Exhibitions

Indolytics helps event organizers and venue owners quantify the quality of the event, make data comparisons of events, accelerate event experience, automate event registrations, enhance networking opportunities along with footfall analysis, heat maps and much more.


Indolytics blends the physical and digital worlds for a great user experience, smart monitoring of resources, intelligent parking, managing traveller flows and creating new revenue opportunities through proximity marketing and micro-targeting travellers.

Shopping Malls

A complete insight in real time of customers and employees along with segregated data on store by store footfalls, heat maps and much more. Proximity marketing in a contextual aware environment can drive quantum sales growth. Optimize everyday operations through dashboards displaying real time data.

Manufacturing & Large Facilities

Large working places require a real time aware systems that facilitates business process and manages resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Indolytics helps reduce time to response, automates routine schedules, improves security, resource and asset tracking and creates a platform for enabling informed decisions.


Beacons and associated technology has a pivotal role to play by integrating its capabilities. Indolytics provides end to end solutions from the transport (home to school and vice versa) to engagement in the classroom. In Universities Indolytics drives automated attendance, lecture attending patterns and much more.


Indolytics helps museum visitors navigate around the museum, points of interest and between artefact displays. Visitors can enable a voice over on their smart phone to hear about the artifacts as they move along the museum seamlessly.

Health Care

Indolytics helps you reduce manual interventions especially at the information desks. Resource (doctors/nurses) and high value equipment can be quickly tracked and contacted through instant messaging.


Indolytics enhances customer experience by helping guests navigate themselves around the establishments facilities such as restaurants, spas, pools etc. Use proximity marketing to spend and gain a unique experience

Restaurant & Cafes

Indolytics helps you connect in proximity with your customer. Our platform allows restaurants to give deep content information about deals and discounts to their customers and passerby’s in the vicinity.

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The Indolytics Engagement

Our IPS solution includes an Observation, Analysis and Action process that is multiplatform, highly efficient, precise and low on complexity with a central monitoring system. Scalability and cost effectiveness is an integral part of our solution.


The need of the hour is a solution for seamless connectivity and with the concept of Ambient intelligence consumers and marketers are rigorously driving towards a network paradigm featured by context-awareness.  Services are expected to be delivered by the targets current situation which is essentially knowing the device or users physical location. Indoor positioning plays an integral role in identifying the position of people, objects or devices in real time. Indolytics provides an integrated solution for locational intelligence and contextual communications in multiple use cases across various industries. Our customized solutions and micro level analytics can be quickly deployed in the shortest of times and can easily integrate with your current control systems.

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