Be your own boss. Take action and get traction from the market. We at Indolytics help you to get started with your proximity marketing business. The market trend suggest that proximity marketing is going to grow multi-folds by 2020. Be a part of the revolution and be successful before your competition does.


  • e-commerce You get E-Commerce platform under your own brand to sell the beacons.
  • e-commerce Pre-integrated referral program to boost your sales via referrals.
  • e-commerce Logistics contact and support for the beacons directly from manufacturer based out in China at pre-approved lower rates.
  • e-commerce Ble Low Energy Beacons and Gateway manager application on cloud to manage your infrastructure.
  • e-commerce Administrative Panel to manage your customers and shipping of beacons to them.
  • e-commerce Your customers get your mobile application to manage the advertisements and view analytics.


You can earn good amount if you have got good reach and connect with the customers. Even if you dont have direct reach, you can promote your solutions in local directories and do a bit of search engine optimization, it can do wonders.


Ideally retail beacons are sold at $20-$25 and they are not equipped with the contextual promotional messages. With our vendor, you can get the beacons at $6-$8 depending upon quantity. On top of it, you can charge them minimal amount for the sake of proximity messaging capabilities on subscription. The following will give you exact idea on the same.

SR. No. Item Cost (USD)
1 Indolytics Proximity Platform with E-commerce ( optional ) + Proximity Platform + Mobile app for your infrastructure + Mobile App for your customers 4,999
$1999 + $500 Setup fee
2 Cost for 500 beacons 3,500
3 Hosting & Domain Price for 1 year 50
Total Cost 6,049
SR. No. Item Price Subscription Months Revenue(USD)
1 Setup fees per customer ( considering average 4 beacons per customer )
30 100 3,000
2 Subscription price per beacon per month
10 500 12 60,000
Total revenue in first year 63,000
Total Cost 6,049
Total Revenue in first year 63,000
Profit (USD) 56,951

Get the Proximity Marketing Platform with SOURCE CODE at Just $4999 $1999 + $500 setup fee (Limited Time offer)


“The proximity marketing market is expected to be worth USD 52.46 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 29.8% between 2016 and 2022.”
Research & Markets
“Beacons on Track to Hit 500 Million Beacons Deployed by 2021, achieve a CAGR of 133% by 2021.”
ABI Research
“The emergence and refinement of proximal wireless technologies will boost the revenue from Local Search & Discovery apps over $44 billion by 2020 from last year’s figure of $13 billion.”
Juniper Research
“The potential marketing value of the proximity marketing will lead the retailers to sped as much as $2.4 billion annually on beacons and asset tracking in 2020.”
Juniper Research

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