Indolytics SDK

Indolytics provides an easy to integrate the SDK for managing and integrating Bluetooth Low Energy technology for Proximity Marketing, Indoor Navigation System, Smart Exhibitions, attendance, Asset Tracking, Resource Tracking and any custom requirement.

How it works?

Step 1: Add beacons to the infrastructure via Indolytics Infrastructure Mobile application

Download our BLE Infrastructure Android application and start claiming your beacons to infrastructure. It supports all type of beacons including custom ones.

Step #2 : Create a project for proxmity Marketing or IPS or Attendance System on the cloud

You can select Proximity Marketing or Indoor Positioning System or Auto Attendance System type of project. The project with the necessary configuration will be created for you.

Step #3 : Link the beacons from infrastructure to your project & assign advertisements & locations

Once you created project, you can assign the Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to your project. Depending upon the project type, relevant configuration will be available.

Step #4: Integrate 6 lines of code into your mobile application

Your SDK integration code will be available in your project section. Simply add the SDK and use the mentioned code as under.

Yes, it’s as simple as above.

Infrastructure Managment

Beacons Fleet Management and Gateway Management tool on cloud is easy-to-use for any developer. We don’t want to take away your right to choose beacons of your choice. Any model/make beacons ranging from estimote, Kontakt, mine or any custom beacons supporting beacon or Eddystone or any custom protocol can be added to the Indolytics infrastructure in just five minutes.

Once the beacons and gateway are added to infrastructure, you can manage its allocation to different projects in our cloud. For eg. We are integrating beacons infrastructure at a mall. The same beacons can be used for navigation purpose as well as for proximity marketing via google nearby as well as for in-app navigation system. Our ready to integrate SDK’s have taken care of all your requirements.

Proximity Advertisement

Without Mobile Application

Yes, you heard it right. Probably we are the first on the planet to provide proximity advertisement without any requirement of mobile application. We leverage google nearby to send push notifications to Android devices even if they don't have your mobile application installed. The only condition is, the communication should be contextual. The first pin point of any business is to ask users to install your application, unless they do it, you don't get any relevant data.

You don't need to learn another API of google to integrate, we have done all hard work. You can simply follow three steps to create your own epic key file and upload it to our cloud server. Thereon, you can manage all your contextual nearby notifications from our platform.

With iOS & Android Apps

Our proximity notification manager will provide you the handle of the detected beacons. You can write your own event on detection, it can be opening a mobile application screen, send local push notification or flash any relevant offers you want to. We have gone through the pain of integration and we have made it easiest possible way to integrate it.

Indoor Positioning SDK (For Android & iOS)

We are probably the world’s first SDK provider to support indoor navigation with Android & iPhone. The interactive mapping tool allows you to upload your map, place beacons on it, define the Point of Interests (eg. Reception area, exhibition stalls, shops in the malls, common utilities etc.). It even allows you to define the walk-path for the users. We support multiple floors along with the parking area.

Once you are done with the layout planning on our cloud server, you can simply use our SDK files to provide navigation. Our view files are open for any kind of design alterations or controls you want to add. The SDK can be integrated for both iOS and Android. You need to just enter the secret key in the application code and it will auto-connect to the cloud server.

Your user can select the destination where he wants to go and the shortest path will be created. Current location of the user updates every 3 seconds on the screen. Every 30 seconds (configurable) user’s position can be updated on your cloud server for further analytic. We have kept it loosely coupled so you can integrate it with your own app. For eg. If you are showing the shop listing in the mall application, you can integrate the navigation button in the detail page of the shop and will open the navigation screen.

The use cases for such system are enormous. One of our customer General Electricals & Capgemini wanted to make their experience center enabled with indoor positioning system. They wanted to track how much time a user is spending against each of their exhibits. Also, they wanted to navigate around with the use of the application. The solution enabled the location of the visitor every 30 seconds and consequently they were able to define who spent more time and what location and their top engaging locations were found.

Your use case can be in a mall, exhibition, museum, tourist place, hospital, airport, railway station or anything you can think of. We are happy to even discuss your use case and work out the proof of concept for your requirement.

Get Started

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