RFID School Attendance Price in India

RFID id cards are frequently used in schools for marking attendance. I have explained in previous blog why it fails when it comes to people tracking. There are vendors who misinform the schools and parents about its benefits and exploit them.

In past few months I have been personally traveling across India and found that vendors are charging schools anywhere between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500 per year for the solution which fails 30% of the time. Why do they pay for such a faulty solution?

Schools principals were often found complaining about the accuracy and at some instances they even said that we have stopped paying vendors for the solution because its not working. Schools are not to be blamed because the decisions are taken depending upon what information they have at their disposal and vendors provide false promises. The following is the table of typical RFID products.

Feature / Price
300 – 500 500 – 800 800 – 1200 1200 – 1600 1600 – 2400
ID Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tap & Go Reader Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RFID Gates No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bus Tracking No No Yes Yes Yes
Child in Bus Tracking No No No Yes Yes
SMS on arrival No No Yes Yes Yes
SOS/Panic in Bus No No No Yes Yes
SOS/Panic in ID Card No No No No No
Mobile App for tracking No No No Yes Yes
Live Tracking No No No No No

At Indolytics, child safety is at center. If you are not concerned about the safety of the child, please do not read further.

The most advanced solution for child safety is SchoolCop. The children are tracked, monitored and alerts are provided to the school control room. All ID Cards are equipped with Panic/SoS buttons. The movement kid presses that button, control room gets alert on the location of the child along with the photograph.

Another prominent feature is visitor/staff tracking. At times, the threat is from the adults whose mindset cant be predicted. In that case SoS button shall come to help as well as if a visitor is found in the children section instead of the admin area, the alert goes to the central room. The associated CCTV footage is played on the control room and action can be taken if there is any anomaly.

Schoolcop provides end-to-end integration and takes security as a wholistic approach. School Children are made security from the movement they enter the school bus or enter the school premises till the time they leave.

SchoolCop is the premium product as it requires 150+ readers across the school instead of just 5-10 readers in a typical RFID solution. The price of the SchoolCop is mentioned on this page. Contact us for any further information.

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