Student Tracking System – SCHOOLCOP

Student Tracking System - School Cop

Child Safety is the biggest challenge our society faces today. There are many infamous incidents happening every other day ranging from Physical Exploitation to Sexual Harassment to Bullying. These incidents not only hamper the child’s future but also brings school’s brand at stake.


School Cop empowers children by providing “Panic Button” on the iCard. It is the “World’s First iCard with Panic Button for Schools”. Just on the press of button, the school security team is alerted with the precise location of the child within the school along with details.


The Artificial Intelligence Engine enables authorities to detect the “Unusual Activities” happening. If a child has not returned from the washroom since past 10 minutes or if the visitor is moving into un-authorized area, the warning shall be activated. These rules can be customized to the requirement of the school.

Student Tracking System Features

  • Life Card with Panic Button
  • AI based Rule Engine
  • Security Efficiency
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Parent’s Engagement Report
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Parent Application
  • Teacher Application
  • Driver Application
  • Visitor Management

Student Tracking System Solution

Indolytics delivers the Pro-Active Security solutions against the traditional CCTV solution which is reactive. School Cop compliments the CCTV system and provide context to surveillance system.

Unlike RFID, School Cop provides Indoor Positioning System which helps school to get insights like who are the early birds at school, which students wait most for bus or pickup, how punctual teachers are reaching in classrooms, are all the classrooms checked post school by security staff or not. There are multiple insights which will help management to take informed and data driven decision.

Life Card

Indolytics’ “Life Card” is world’s first iCard enabled with the SOS/Panic button for school kids. The card gets activated only when student is in Red Zone (like washroom, lobby area or place where there are less than 5 people around). This helps us to remove anomalies within the system.

The sturdy but elegant water-proof iCard shall replace the normal iCard without any invasion. These iCards shall be aligned to school’s branding. The radiation level in the iCard is near-zero. In layman’s language, its 1000 times lesser than the home-wifi network radiation making if safer of all.

Student Tracking

GPS works for outdoors but students spend 80% of the time indoors. It is of vital importance to trace and track kids indoors where GPS tracking does not work. We build the Indoor Positioning System which would work same as GPS, but for indoors. It will provide minute by minute information of the students to make sure they are safe.

RFID cards don’t provide IPS, they only record in and out entries. With our IPS solution you can get the tracking at room level without any need for tapping. The seamless contact less experience allows to create Red Zones and Green Zones within the school. Contextual alerts are triggered in an event of long stay or unauthorized access making system pro-active in nature.

Parents App

The Parent Mobile Application creates the communication channel between the school and parents. The major features integrated are Child Live Tracking, Attendance, Homework, Circulars, Fees Payment, Performance Reports, FAQ’s and much more. Parents shall know whats taught in the school and further communicate in context with child.

Parents can know where their kids have been throughout the day and what is being taught today. This will bring more context to the communication with the kids when they are home.

Teachers App

The Teacher’s Mobile Application will ease the work-flow of teachers. Teachers can pre-schedule the home-work, regularize attendance, check parents involvement, communicate message to parents as well as manage their own schedule. Even if school dont allow mobile use by teacher in class, it can be used while out of the class with minimal efforts.

Bus Tracking

GPS Tracking in bus is a mandate in most of the places. But if your child is in the bus or not is still a concern. Our tracking solution provides the child’s presence in the bus and streams live to the school authorities as well as to the parents. We aim to provide seamless integration of the indoor as well as outdoor location detection.

The transport manager application and teachers application are fully integrated to digitize the day to day activities like route change request by parents or self-pickup request by parents. These process changes helps to reduce the workload of staff members and anxiety of parents.

ERP and Fees Collection

The ERP system is an integral part of any school to manage efficiently. Citing the need of ERP for schools, we have integrated the system with SchoolCop. It provides the efficient way to manage the routine operations. Fees collection is another challenge schools face and requires multiple operations. With schoolCop you can now collect fees online via bank transfers or credit cards.

The major sections of School ERP are Student Management, Fees Management, Accounting, Resource Management, Attendance, Security, Homework Management, Curriculum, Time-table and much more.


No. Of Students Price / Month / Child
(Monthly Advance)
Price / Quarter / Child
(Quarterly Advance)
Price / Year / Child
(Yearly Advance)
2,500-3,000 270 770 2,800
2,000-2,500 285 810 2,950
1,500-2,000 300 850 3,100
1,000-1,500 310 890 3,250
500-1,000 330 935 3,400
Setup Cost (One Time) 1,95,000 1,95,000 1,95,000

* All Prices are excluding GST/Taxes

* The actual price may differ depending upon the facility size and hardware requirements

* Above prices are in INR

Our client’s say about SCHOOLCOP

I could not be happier with the service and products provided by Indolytics. We had an immediate requirement for such a system where child can not only be tracked but he is aided with power of panic button on his ID card. They fit as advertised and my children, teachers and parents are very appreciative of this added layer of safety.

Arvind Kumar Singh – PCS Patna

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